Eastern Paradise Tour

Los Haitises

Eastern Paradise Tour

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Reserve the Tour to Los Haitises and Montaña Redonda

Enjoy a great Ecological Adventure in the Dominican Republic through the Coastal Plain of the East-Northeast region. Departing from your Hotels in modern and comfortable buses, along the Coral Highway, crossing through Miches, Sabana de La Mar until you reach Caño Hondo. Los Haitises, is one of the 4 most important Karst Parks in the World, with a Rich Fauna and exuberant Flora, with endemic species of the Zone.
  • We start the tour by boat, through Caño Hondo, a stream that crosses the largest mangrove swamp in the Caribbean. Several species of mangroves, an abundant variety of crustaceans and birds can be seen. On this tour we arrive at the San Lorenzo Lagoon, which is surrounded by the exuberant mangrove forest and which is a very important Reserve for the reproduction of fish, crustaceans and birds.
  • We continue until we reach the rocky part, where we visit two Caverns, which have Petroglyphs and Carvings on the walls, which are the traces left by the Tainos who lived there. These Caverns are inhabited by bats and other species of nocturnal birds. We will also visit several Mogotes or Atolls scattered throughout the coast that surrounds the Park, which are inhabited by dozens of species of Birds.
  • After this Ecological tour, we will not go to the Hotel Paraíso Caño Hondo, to have lunch. This is an Ecological Hotel, nestled at the foot of the Mountain, it has the privilege of irrigating its pools with pure and crystalline water from a river that is born in the heart of the Park, and where we also enjoy a refreshing bath.
  • After lunch and enjoying the natural environment, we take the bus and go to Montaña Redonda, which we will climb to its top in a Safari Truck; This has a special location, being in the middle of two large lagoons (Laguna Limón & Laguna Redonda), with a spectacular view, appreciating both the Samana Bay and the Peninsula, a large part of the Eastern Cordillera, as well as the Ocean Atlantic.
  • We went down from the Mountain, and we went to the Farm House, to really see how the Farmers live in their humble houses, to see the Fruits and Food they produce. See the Cocoa and Coffee plants, and the extraction process of the Best Organic Chocolate and Coffee in the World.


Frequent questions

Remember that it is an excursion suitable for everyone and it is an ecological route to connect and get to know the nature of the Dominican Republic, so it is very important that you go with comfortable clothes and shoes, however we leave you a list so that you do not forget any of our recommendations:
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sun protection cream
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Water and Snacks
The Paraíso del Este excursion takes place on the coastal plain of the East-Northeast region of the Dominican Republic. On this excursion you will be able to see places of unparalleled natural beauty such as Los Haitises and Montaña Redonda. The Los Haitises National Park is one of the jewels of the Dominican Republic. It is located in the Samaná Bay and is made up of impressive landscapes and unparalleled fauna and flora. On the excursion to Paraíso del Este, you will be able to appreciate different types of birds and marine animals. We must not forget the caves where you can see paintings, rock carvings and nocturnal birds.In Montaña Redonda you will be amazed by its crystalline water lagoons along with its wonderful views of the bay and the entire coast . You can not miss it!
This excursion is an opportunity to connect with the environment and nature, since the Dominican Republic is not only rich in beaches but also in mountains, and Los Haitises is a clear example of this.Enjoy the boat trip through the Caño Hondo River and the San Lorenzo Lagoon while you see all the natural wealth of this paradise until you reach Los Haitises. Visit and learn about the carvings and paintings that you can find in the caves where you will see nocturnal animals such as bats.We will make a stop for lunch at the Hotel Caño Hondo and then we will leave Los Haitises to go to Montaña Redonda and go on a safari through its forests and crystalline water lagoons. Relax admiring the wonderful panoramic views from Montaña Redonda. Finally, we finish at the Casa Campesina to learn and learn about coffee and cocoa plantations and extractions.

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  • Food
  • Round trip transportation
  • Tour guide

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