Tour Samana


Tour Samana

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  • If you cancel the tour, you will not receive a refund.
  • If you do not show up or cancel within 24 hours prior to the tour, you will be charged the remaining amount for the tour.
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Tour Samana

Samana Day Trips Excursion days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Do you want to discover a paradisiacal municipality, white sand and turquoise waters in the heart of the Caribbean Sea? Come visit Samana! Enjoy a true adventure through the eastern coastal plain of the Dominican Republic, departing from the different hotel zones in modern and comfortable buses.

  • We board the boat at the Las Cañitas Dock, to go to Samaná. There the Safari-type Truck awaits us to make the tour of the Town, continue through the Fields, until we reach the Ranch.
  • Once at the Ranch, we ride a horse for about 40 minutes one way to visit La Cascada Limón. This waterfall is one of the most important waterfalls in the Antilles and the Caribbean, both for the amount of water it has, as well as for its abrupt fall of 67 meters high. 
  • After about 40 minutes in the Waterfall, we return to the Ranch and go to the Restaurant for the Typical Dominican Lunch 
  • After lunch, we headed to Cayo Levantado (Bacardí Island), to enjoy its white sands and crystalline waters or simply sunbathe under its coconut trees. There you can also take a souvenir of the typical crafts of the area. After 1 hour and 30 minutes, we headed to Las Cañitas. You’ll see: El Limón waterfall and  Cayo Levantado (Includes a drink) 
  • By Boat and Safari Truck: includes Glue and Water


Frequent questions

It is important that the clothes you wear are comfortable since the excursion to Samaná is a full day. We recommend that you do not forget the sunscreen and insect repellent. We leave you here a complete list with everything important to go to the Samaná peninsula 

  • Comfortable Clothes and Sandals
  • Insect repellent 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel Sunglasses 
  • Hat or Cap 
  • Extra Money (Photographs, Personal Expenses) 
  • Camera
Are you looking for an unforgettable tropical getaway? Look no further than Isla Samana, located in the northeast region of the Dominican Republic. Known for its stunning natural beauty, Isla Samana is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure, relaxation, and a connection to nature.

At Ms Dreamers, we believe that a trip to Isla Samana is incomplete without a guided tour. Our expert guides have years of experience in the region and will take you on a journey through the island’s natural wonders, cultural heritage, and delicious cuisine.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your Isla Samana adventure:

Knowledgeable Guides
Our tour guides are knowledgeable about the history, culture, and natural environment of Isla Samana. They will share their insights and expertise with you, so you can fully appreciate the beauty of the island.
Safe and Comfortable Transportation
We provide safe and comfortable transportation for our guests, ensuring that you have a stress-free and enjoyable journey. Our vehicles are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure your safety and comfort.
Customizable Tours
We offer customizable tours that cater to your interests and preferences. Whether you want to explore the island’s natural wonders, learn about its history and culture, or simply relax on the beach, we have a tour that’s perfect for you.
Competitive Pricing
We offer competitive pricing for our tours, making them accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Isla Samana, regardless of their budget.

There are plenty of benefits to visiting Isla Samana, including:

Pristine Beaches
Isla Samana is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with crystal clear waters and white sand. You can relax, sunbathe, swim, and enjoy a range of water sports activities.
Stunning Natural Beauty
Isla Samana is also known for its stunning natural beauty, including lush forests, waterfalls, and wildlife. You can explore the island’s natural wonders on one of our tours and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
Cultural Heritage
Isla Samana has a rich cultural heritage, with a mix of Taino, Spanish, and African influences. You can learn about the island’s history and culture on one of our tours and discover the unique traditions and customs of the people.
Delicious Cuisine
Isla Samana is known for its delicious cuisine, which combines fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and spices. You can sample some of the island’s traditional dishes on one of our tours and experience the flavors of the Caribbean.

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Ready to explore the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Isla Samana? Book your adventure with Ms Dreamers today! We offer a range of tours and activities that cater to your interests and preferences, from beach excursions to cultural tours. Contact us today to learn more and book your Isla Samana adventure!

What's Included

  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Horse ride
  • Round trip transportation
  • Tour guide

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